Terms and Conditions

Visulance aim to provide a link between employers and freelancers, helping business owners, entrepreneurs and others to find the skills and support they need to get their projects done. These terms and conditions set out what we do and how we do it, as well as detailing the limits of our remit and responsibility.

By making use of our website, imply acceptance of the details of these terms and conditions including any policies listed here. We reserve the right to periodically review this document, and any changes to these terms will be indicated by an amended date at the top of this document. It is your own responsibility to check back here from time to time to stay up to date with any amendments to our terms.

If you disagree with any of our terms or policies, you are free to discontinue use of our site. Your continued use of the service indicates your acceptance of all the terms and policies detailed here. If you have any questions you can contact us using the details supplied at the end of this document.

For the purposes of these terms, the website and services provided by Visulance will be referred to as ?the service?, and visitors to the site, both freelancers and employers, will be referred to collectively as ?the users?.

1. Website use

Unless specifically stated, we are and remain to be the owners of the intellectual property rights of all content on our website. All rights are reserved. Users may view, download or print sections of this website only for their own personal use and subject to the restrictions below. You must not:

  • Republish any content for this website, including for use on another website
  • Sell, lend, rent or otherwise reuse content from this website for commercial gain
  • Use material from this website for public demonstrations, presentations or other forms of public display, unless our explicit consent has been sought
  • Duplicate, reproduce or otherwise copy material from our site for your own gain
  • Edit or modify any content on this website, unless it relates to your own profile or account details
  • Misrepresent or otherwise claim any material from this website as your own

Visulance reserve the right to suspend, restrict access to or remove all or part of our website at any time.

2. User accounts

To use Visulance, freelancers will need to register for an account. In the future we may also ask employers to register for an account in order to maintain transparency and trust in our marketplace.

The account registered with us must supply accurate and complete information as per the registration process. Every account must be a personal account, although we do accept users who trade under a business name or on behalf of a company or other legal entity.

As a freelancer or employer, we encourage you to follow 'best practice' rules when creating an account on Visulance.

This includes:

  • Presenting information that is true, accurate and up to date
  • Including a professional image of yourself where possible. Company logos are accepted, but as our website is trust orientated we find personal photographs tend to have a better response
  • Withholding personal details that you would not want in the public domain, such as your address, phone number or anything relating to financial details
  • Avoiding use of any materials, content or other items that may cause offence or infringe any copyright elsewhere
  • Visulance reserve the right to restrict access, to suspend or to ban any user who is found to be in breach of our published terms and conditions for use of the site and user accounts.

3. How it works

Visulance aims to provide a link between employers and freelancers in an affordable, fuss free manner. Freelancers may register on our website for the purposes of stimulating business, and employers may search our database of freelancers to find suitable freelance experts to help them with their projects.

Freelancers are able to host a portfolio of work on our site, and are able to be contacted directly from their profile by potential employers. There is also a contact button on each profile to make it easy for the employer to contact the freelancer.

The service serves a matchmaking function, and is not responsible for bill processing, contracts or management of freelancers or employers who choose to use the service.

4. Limitations of liability

The content posted by users in their own profiles and portfolios is the responsibility of that freelancer, and Visulance accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or otherwise negative impact suffered to other people or businesses as a result of content published on user profiles.

We aim to minimise the likelihood of a breach occurring, in part through these terms and conditions and also by managing our database proactively. However, in the event of material being published on user profiles that infringes, misrepresents, defames or otherwise causes offence or damages, the injured party must approach the freelancer for compensation and not the service.

Visulance is purely a matchmaking service, and we do not accept any responsibility for loss, damage or other negative impacts to you or your business occurring from the use of the service.

We do our best to build a sense of trust in our business, and aim to put certain safeguards in place to avoid issues occurring. These may include, but are not limited to: obtaining working telephone numbers for both employers and freelancers; obtaining address details; performing 'opt in' checks to active accounts.

If and when a project is commenced as a result of your use of the service, Visulance highly recommend following best practice in regards to your partnership. For the freelancer, this may include: taking a deposit; obtaining real world addresses and phone numbers for your client; getting a written and legally binding contract signed in relation to the work.

For the employer, this may include: checking the credentials of your freelancer through testimonials or CV's; obtaining real world addresses and phone numbers for your freelancer; getting a written and legally binding contract signed in relation to the work; asking for a 'non-disclosure agreement' (NDA) to be signed.

The service accepts no responsibility in the event that your freelancer fails to deliver an agreed assignment, or that your employer fails to pay an invoice. While we do our best to create an environment of trust, and will certainly assist in the event of a dispute, we strongly recommend you put your own safeguards in place to protect yourself.

5. Payment and fees

The service is free for employers to use. Visulance do not take any commission, registration fee or 'headhunting' fee from any employers who decide to use the service.

The service is paid for by freelancers on a monthly basis. New freelancers to the site can try the service for a month for a low fee of £1, after which time the monthly subscription fee is £5 per month. Payment is collected at the start of each month and can be paid by credit or debit card via a third party service, Stripe.

The service does not provide any self hosted billing facility for freelancers and employers. If a project commences as a result of using the service, the freelancer is responsible for their own invoicing and financial management, including paying tax and NI contributions as necessary.

6. Privacy policy

This policy, alongside our general Terms and Conditions, sets out the way in which we collect, use and store personal data from our users. Please ensure you are aware of our privacy policies so you understand what information we may collect from you and why.

6a. Collection of personally identifying data

When users register for an account, we collect a limited amount of personally identifying data. This information may include, but is not limited to: Full name; address; telephone numbers; email addresses. This information is collected for the purposes of providing a trustworthy and checkable service to our users and is freely offered by users. Users are able to view and, to a certain extent, use the service without providing any personal information, although some parts of the service may be unavailable.

6b. Collection of non-identifying data

As well as the personal data we collect from you, we may collect information about how people use our site and service, with a view to providing a better service in future. This may include, but is not limited to: Type of browser; number of pages viewed; time visiting the site; links clicked; source of visit; operating system. No single individual user can be identified from this aggregate information.

6c. Use of personal data

We only use your personal data to fulfil requests you have placed with us. This may include, but is not limited to: Sending information about new services we think will be of interest; responding to questions or queries about our site; alerting you to new freelancers or employers in your field of interest; conducting surveys; performing marketing activities.

6d. Unsubscribing

All users are free to unsubscribe at any time from our service. Accounts may be deactivated in the profile section of our website, and marketing emails can be unsubscribed from using the link at the foot of every email we send. Alternatively you may contact us to arrange removal of your subscription from our services.

6e. Cookies

In order to gather non-identifying data about the way our users make use of the service, we may use tracking cookies to follow user interaction with our site. Cookies are small files placed on your browser which do not damage your computer. By themselves they cannot be used to identify any individual user, and are only useful to us for the purposes of improving our service. You can set your browser to notify you when cookies are being used, and have the right to refuse use of cookies on the service. You may continue to use the site as usual, but should be aware that some features may not work correctly if you do not accept the cookie.

6f. Disclosure of personal information

We do not share, sell or otherwise redistribute your personal information to unrelated third parties under any circumstances, apart from those set out here. In order to provide the service as we do, there are a number of disclosures necessary as part of the process. These situations include:

  • Providing contact details to potential employers
  • Providing contact details to freelancers
  • Sending information to our payment processing facility with Stripe
  • For the purposes of assisting in a dispute

In the event that we need to disclose your information otherwise than in accordance with this policy, we will endeavour to seek your express permission before doing so.

6g. Third party links

There may, at times, be hyperlinks to external sources of information place on the site. These links do not in any way form any endorsement of the services or conditions imposed by these third party sites. Your use of third party sites is entirely at your own risk, and we recommend you consult with the terms and conditions published on these sites prior to use.

6h. Financial details

All financial transactions processed in relation to the service are completed using Stripe. Visulance do not collect, store or maintain any records in relation to your payment methods or personal details. The payment page on our site is protected by Extended SSL.

7. Security

The service takes all appropriate measures to ensure a safe and secure browsing experience for all our users. This includes using appropriate encryption, virus protecting and hacking protection for our systems and servers. Any data that we collect, whether personally identifying or not, is as adequately protected from unauthorised access as it is feasible to currently do. We recommend you take appropriate steps yourself to control and maintain the security of your own devices when accessing our site or any other location on the internet.

8. Law

These terms and conditions and any claim or dispute arising from them or in connection with them are governed by the laws of England and Wales. The courts of England and Wales have jurisdiction to settle any claim or dispute arising from the use of our service.

9. Contact

If you have any questions relating to these terms and conditions, or in relation to our service overall, please contact us using the details below:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07732 003213